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CUAD Wraps Up 17 Week Legislature Today Radio Hour
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Date Posted:  May 1, 2013

Rep. Mark Owens (photo right, R-District 17, Grand Forks) talks about credit unions on the CUAD Legislature Today radio hour with Robbie Thompson, CUAD president-CEO. 

With the North Dakota Legislative Session scheduled adjourning sometime this week, the CUAD Sponsored Legislature Today Radio Hour wrapped up our 17-week sponsorship schedule by detailing the credit union difference. 

For our last program we recruited Paul Gentile, EVP, Strategic Communications and Engagement for the Credit Union National Association, Washington, D.C. to detail the difference from a national perspective.

For the Second half hour we invited in Representative Mark Owens, R-District 17, Grand Forks.  Representative Owens is a volunteer board member at First Liberty Federal Credit Union, which has a branch on the Grand Forks Air Force Base.  First Liberty is headquartered in Great Falls, MT.  As a volunteer board member and state lawmaker, Representative Owens was been an extremely strong and articulate advocate for the credit union movement in North Dakota and Montana.

You can catch the archived version of last night’s show here: