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CUAD Reveals All New CU Social Good Website at GAC!
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Date Posted:  February 27, 2017

Photo above:  GAC Crashers received the first look at the all new CU Social Good website during their orientation meeting yesterday.  Demonstrating new and improved features were Katie Dressler, CUAD VP of Communications and Awareness and Jeff Olson, President/CEO CUAD. 

Washington, DC - Credit Union Association of the Dakotas (CUAD) is excited to reveal the completely updated and re-vamped CU Social Good website.  Created and launched by CUAD in 2013, CU Social Good is the first and only national, interactive web site dedicated exclusively to telling credit union social impact stories.
Credit unions give back to their local communities in an amazing variety of creative and generous ways, and their employees and members are well known for their volunteer work and charitable fundraising events.  At CU Social Good, you will find these “good news” stories of credit unions and credit union people being involved in their communities – helping charities, promoting financial literacy, providing scholarships, volunteering their time, and supporting people and planet over profit.
The new, fresh website of 2017 is being officially announced at the CUNA GAC (Governmental Affairs Conference) in Washington, DC this year, because the other exciting news is that Credit Union National Association (CUNA) has given their endorsement and support of this credit union advocacy project. 

Last November, CUNA agreed to combine their Unite for Good story sharing option with CU Social Good.  As of January 1st, 2017, all Unite for Good stories were transferred to the CU Social Good site and future story contributions to Unite for Good will be directed to CU Social Good.
The all new website has a modern look – with beautiful graphics and easy to navigate links.  One of the best features of the new site is the social media integrated sharing right at your fingertips for each story!  Credit unions now have the ability to showcase their good news stories that have been posted on CU Social Good with one click to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 
CU Social Good, with over 5,000 stories already posted from all 50 states in the US as well as several Canadian provinces, is the one place that credit unions, members, consumers, industry leaders, and media outlets can go to and find the amazing stories about the good deeds credit unions do every day.  Elected officials are able to see the tremendous value credit unions provide to their communities.  Educators can use the site to see what credit unions provide in financial literacy education and scholarships.  Charitable organizations can search for credit unions they may be able to partner with.  Furthermore, credit unions can learn from each other and share great ideas.  The cooperative nature of credit unions has already made the website a success.  Your support and contributions will make this a victory for credit unions that will help us to remain successful in our mission for years to come. 
We invite and encourage credit unions and credit union organizations from around the country to join CU Social Good today!  We are interested in stories about charitable donations, fundraising activities, financial literacy efforts, volunteer work, and scholarships that credit unions offer and reward.  Simply sign up on the home page, set up your credit union profile and password, and you are ready to participate in the next big credit union movement – telling the social impact story! 
Please like our CU Social Good Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @CUSocialGood today!
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About CU Social Good
CU Social Good is owned and managed by Credit Union Association of the Dakotas, and was recognized by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) as the Best Community Relations Program (2014) and received the MSAE Award of Excellence(2015).  CU Social Good is a proud supporter of CU4Kids. 
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