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Marketing Scam Potentially Targeting South Dakota Credit Unions
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Date Posted:  June 14, 2017
There may be a marketing scam targeting South Dakota credit unions, which was brought to our attention yesterday by Sentinel FCU in Rapid City, SD. They shared this information in order to make other credit unions aware.
The “production company” targets the CEOs of a business with an offer soliciting to purchase videos for almost $27,000. They claimed one of the videos would be a 3-5 minute short-form documentary that would highlight the benefits of South Dakota credit unions and would feature the credit union in the video. This short video would air on public television stations. They mislead you to think these would air on PBS stations, but that is not correct since PBS does not air paid programming like this paid video.
They also say they would produce two more videos that could be posted on the credit union website and social media sites, and a one-minute educational commercial segment which could broadcast on cable channels. They again mislead by not disclosing that air time would have to be purchased on the cable channels.
The PBS website warns about these solicitations.
This article also does a great job of warning businesses about these solicitations.
Simply put, if you are approached by an offer such as this, be sure to do your vetting and make certain that you are not being scammed! Below is a “flier” that has accompanied one such recent “offer” in South Dakota.