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Let's Plan Ahead for Miracle Jeans Day!
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Date Posted:  June 19, 2017

by Shawn Marie Brummer

CUAD is asking you to join us and credit unions around the country to start planning for Miracle Jeans Day on September 13th! Over the past several years, we have significantly increased the amount of money raised and the number of credit unions participating in fundraisers for CU4Kids and our Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in the Dakotas – but we can do even more.

Please mark your calendars now, and think about assigning this project to one person in each credit union and/or branch to help organize and coordinate this important CU4Kids fundraiser.

Of course we will have our friendly competition between North and South Dakota to see which state can get the most credit unions signed up! Some advance planning can help us all make this event a success!

First step: Register your credit union
Second step: Order your Miracle Jeans Day icons so your members can participate.
Step Three: Consider applying for a CO-OP Miracle Match and double your donation. (This is very easy to do, and while there is no guarantee you will receive the match, it is definitely worth the few minutes it takes to apply.)

Please join us and sign up today. Remember, every dollar we raise stays local – helping people in our own communities and our own states. That’s the #CUDifference!