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North Dakota's New Economy
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Date Posted:  June 19, 2017
Join Bank of North Dakota (BND) on Tuesday, June 20 from 11-12 p.m. CT for Greg Tehven's discussion on the new economy in North Dakota and the importance of high energy events to spur entrepreneurship in the state. Greg is co-founder of Emerging Prairie, founded in 2013 with the intent to connect and celebrate the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Fargo-Moorhead.

Traditionally, North Dakota's economy has been based on agriculture and energy. As a financial institution, you know how to handle those needs. However, how are you handling the strong waves of entrepreneurship? Do you understand tech-based startups and their financing needs?

Greg Tehven is the co-founder of Emerging Prairie. He will share his thoughts on the impact of entrepreneurship on financial institutions. He'll also discuss the importance of well-run networking opportunities to bring people together to stimulate new thinking and drive economic growth.

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Call-in number: 1.877.860.3058
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You can also join this call via web conference by clicking the link below. To participate in the web conference, choose "Enter as a guest" and complete the required information. Click the link 15 minutes prior to the meeting to allow your computer time to complete any necessary updates.

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