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Are You Ready for Prepaid Card Rules?
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Date Posted:  October 13, 2017

CUAD is offering the following educational opportunities:

October 25: Understanding Fiduciary Duties
October 26: Job Specific BSA Training for the Front Line
October 30: Preparing for Impact of Prepaid Card Rules
October 31: CECL Loss Estimation Methods
November 2: Strategies to Enforce Creditor Rights in Bankruptcies
November 7: CFPB TRID Amendments
November 8: When a Depositor Dies
November 9: Reg E Series: Auditing for Reg E Compliance
November 13: HMDA-LAR Changes Part 1
November 14: ADS: Accepting Powers of Attorney on Deposit Accounts
November 15: 20 Legal Account Ownerships, Titles, and Legal Documentation
November 16: Required Compliance for Board & Senior Management
November 28: Voiding Employee Job Misclassification Issues

For more details or to register go to: