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A Little Facebook Creeping
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Date Posted:  October 17, 2017

by Shawn Marie Brummer

In case you haven’t heard (and if you’ve been reading the Memo, that would be impossible) this Thursday, October 19th, is International Credit Union Day! We’ve been doing some great things at CUAD to celebrate this year. The governors of both North and South Dakota signed proclamations declaring “Credit Union Day” in the respective states, and we made very nice quality copies and sent to all branches. We arranged for credit union messages to be broadcast on GSTV (Gas Station TV) all across the Dakotas. We have custom radio ads playing in some markets with the voice of our CEO, Jeff Olson. Katie Dressler even designed custom print ads and some social media templates. (Below are some examples of her work.)

Let’s flood the credit union Facebook pages with our messages this week! Facebook is one of the most powerful tools that we have right at our fingertips – and it’s all free! 
Please “like” our CUAD Facebook page today! 
Here are some fun credit union posts we noticed this week.