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Remember to Share Your ICU Day Activities for the Memo!
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Date Posted:  October 17, 2017

Credit unions from all around the Dakotas do wonderful things in their communities – and that is even more true on International Credit Union Day and during National Co-op Month. Whether it be fundraisers like the CU Hero campaign, volunteer work, promoting financial literacy, or just serving cookies and punch, our credit unions are out there, making a difference. That’s the #CUDifference! 

Credit unions do a great job of helping people, but they don’t always do a great job of talking about it.  Don’t let your good deeds go unnoticed. This is a reminder to share your good deeds for publication in the Memo and in CU Social Good. Is your credit union lobby full of the little CU Hero icons? Take a picture and share! (Katie Dressler is looking for your CU Hero totals thus far - please email to her at  

Not only does talking about the social impact credit unions make in their communities further the entire movement, it can earn your credit union points for the CUAD Member Engagement Rewards Program (MERP). For every “good deed” posted on CU Social Good, your credit union will receive one MERP point. Not to mention, the additional earned media you will receive by sharing this news.

Share your stories and photos today by emailing to Shawn Brummer at