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Jeff Olson Elected to Serve on AACUL Board
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Date Posted:  November 27, 2017
Jeff Olson, President/CEO of the Credit Union Association of the Dakotas, recently attended the AACUL (American Association of Credit Union Leagues) winter conference and annual meeting that was held in New Orleans November 14-17. During the business meeting, elections were held for the AACUL Board of Directors, and Olson was elected to serve for the coming year.
“I have been an engaged member in this professional organization for the last nine years, and I have come to appreciate the AACUL’s resourceful leadership in achieving successful collaboration and sustainable cooperation on behalf of America’s credit unions,” stated Olson. “I sincerely, and humbly, appreciate the support and confidence that my colleagues from around the country have entrusted to me to serve on this leadership team. It is truly an honor and privilege, and I looking forward to the opportunity to help nurture and lead our credit union partners at such a critical time for our industry and our members,” he added.
Other AACUL members elected to serve on the AACUL Board for the coming year include: Scott Simpson, President/CEO of the Utah Credit Union Association; Diana Dykstra, President/CEO of the California and Nevada Credit Union Leagues; Patrick Conway, President/CEO of the Pennsylvania Credit Union Association; and Jill Nowacki, President/CEO of The Credit Union League of Connecticut. Ex-officio members of the AACUL Board include Mark Cummins, President/CEO of the Minnesota Credit Union Association (Immediate Past Chair); Jim Nussle, President/CEO of CUNA; and Brad Miller, Executive Director of AACUL.
AACUL is a voluntary membership association for credit union leagues which are members of the Credit Union National Association. The Purpose of AACUL is to assist in the development of its member organizations and to advise and recommend to management and policy makers within the credit union movement regarding the formulation and implementation of policy.